You need an outside translator?

Doubtless you attach great importance to establishing a good working relationship with a translation agency able to deliver consistently excellent legal and financial translations in a variety of language combinations. Deciding upon such a step immediately reduces your number of options. The requirement for various language combinations means that a translation agency will suit your needs better than taking risks with perhaps untried individual freelance translators, since no individual translator can boast native fluency in, say, all of English, Dutch, German and French. The requirement for consistently excellent legal and financial translations also eliminates reliance upon a general, jack-of-all-trades translation agency. Any agency which boasts a high competence in all fields is very often master of none. That is a risk you will undoubtedly wish to avoid, preferring instead to work with a specialised agency. And what of a ‘good working relationship’? This means your translation agency should be able to provide continuity – in terms of both quality and sustainability.

Best-in-class legal and financial translations

Unsurprisingly, you can count the number of translation agencies able to satisfy all these demanding criteria on the fingers of one hand. You have already found one of them, however. Since its founding in 1987, Engels & Partners has worked on behalf of the largest law and accountancy firms, as well as banks, in the Netherlands. The relationship of trust which we enjoy with our professional clients is our badge of approval. So, if you are searching for an agency which can offer you best-in-class legal and financial translations, you have come to the right place! We would be happy to visit you by appointment to introduce our company to you. Please contact Kees Engels on telephone number +31 (0)35 6400024 or e-mail us at