“We work with E&P for the translation of complex legal documents, often under great time pressure. The quality of the work is excellent, with a keen eye for the specific, substantive aspects of the texts in question. Moreover – and at least as important for us – it’s always possible to make good arrangements about timing, and they deliver punctually.”

Thies Sanders
Loyens & Loeff

“Engels & Partners has translated numerous procedural documents for me over the years. I’ve never been disappointed. On the contrary: E&P is accurate, with an eye for detail, does not shy away from technically difficult documents (in the field of biotechnology, for example) and can react swiftly and flexibly when necessary. In short, it’s the go-to translation agency.
Paul Reeskamp

“We have been using Engels & Partners’ translation services for several years now, and always to our complete satisfaction. The quality is excellent, communications with the team are pleasant and their word is their bond. We have repeatedly surprised them with unexpected, large rush jobs and they always handle them very efficiently. I salute them.”

Jeroen Ouwehand
Clifford Chance

“Over the years, I have come to know Engels & Partners as a professional, accurate and reliable agency that we rely on for our translations, which are often of an urgent nature. They translate carefully, and their translations hardly ever need any tweaking.”

Jacques van der Pijl
ING Private Banking – Asset Management

In my experience Engels & Partners is a very thorough translation agency that delivers a first-rate product at a proper price-quality ratio. The communication with the agency is effortless and because of the open attitude, any comments from either side are welcome and will indeed be processed. Don’t change a thing!”

Diana Velders

“As a specialised law firm that mainly serves foreign clients, our communication must be absolutely perfect. So we need business partners that can make the right contribution. Engels & Partners is such a partner; they know all about the specific terminology used in the legal world, and they are flexible and reliable.”

Kurt Stöpetie


Engels & Partners believes transparency is a good thing in any sector

Welcome to the web site of Engels & Partners, where you will find information about outsourcing translations, the language pairs that we are able to provide, and lots more. For example, we have listed our prices for your convenience. While you might think that’s quite normal – and so do we, by the way – very few translation agencies apparently do. However, we believe transparency is a good thing in any sector.

If you are interested in our legal and financial translation services, we kindly invite you to browse through this web site, find out what we have to offer, and contact us if you feel that we may be just who you were looking for.

Kees Engels